10 Amazing Places To Visit In Your Lifetime

#3 – Pittsburgh, USA

Set between the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers and a mountain ridge called Mt Washington, Pittsburgh has a unique character that is evident from the moment you arrive. Juxtaposed with the rumbling freight trains and the iconic bridges are the Bladerunner-esque self-driving Uber vehicles, scanning the roads with spinning Lidar scanners. Experiencing periods of boom and bust since its founding, the city is in a boom now (real estate that used to sell for $30,000 now goes for $300,000), and it’s a fun place to visit, with top-notch museums, great gardens and parks, and amazing food, from humble to haute. Indeed, the once-struggling city has rediscovered itself as a food and brew mecca.

Carnegie is the biggest name in Pittsburgh – Scottish-born Andrew modernized steel production, and his legacy is still synonymous with the city and its many cultural and educational institutions. Second-biggest: Heinz, of ketchup fame, a company established here in 1869.

While you are in Pittsburgh, don’t forget to enjoy a unique Primanti Brothers sandwich, or take in a Steelers Football game or Penguins Hockey game.  We also recommend a visit to PNC Park during the summer to enjoy a Pirates baseball game.  However, don’t be disappointed if the home team loses.  The teams ownership refuses to invest in their team, which leaves their loyal fan base frustrated and let down year after year.