10 Most Bizarre Courtship Rituals You Have Ever Seen

We have heard the love stories. We have even seen them. The story from every dorm room, to the stories on our celluloid screens…love and courtship. Soon people will be silently judging their significant others by the size of their bouquet, box of chocolates, and bling but this was not always the case.

From offering sweat-brushed apples to severed heads, courtship used to be a different ball game altogether. While some people moved to more sophisticated woo-ing, there are still some who continue with other bizarre rituals.

1. Grab That Gypsy Gal

A weird courtship ritual among the Gypsies of the UK has come under the limelight recently, where a guy grabs a young girl for a smooch, sometimes forcefully so. Unfortunately, the girls don’t have a say in this, or in their own lives for that matter. They are not allowed to approach a guy, or even make a move. These girls, mostly between the ages of 14-21, are generally pulled out of schools by their parents to get married, serve their husbands, and bring honor to their families. Shocking, right?!