10 Most Bizarre Schools Around The World You Will Ever Know

Students go to schools that have wooden desks and a blackboard. There are teachers for each subject. Students have to follow a disciplined lifestyle, and they can’t skip the school even if they like it or not. These things come in our mind when anyone talks about school.

You probably have no clue about some weird schools in the world that are totally different from what we expect. Some of these schools allow students to learn things of their choice while some may teach the art of prostitution.

1. A school that teaches the art of prostitution, Spain

As prostitution is legal in Spain, there are schools which teach the practical tricks of the trade. There are around 200,000 and 400,000 prostitutes in Spain. The school is situated in Valencia. Trabajo Ya means “Work Now.” This school also offers instant employment for both sexes. They are given lessons of the evolution of prostitution and business skills. This school also gives two-hour practical skill sessions daily, so that students learn the ins and outs of sex toys and familiarize themselves with the Kama Sutra.

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