10 Sexy women on Instagram, that you can take home to meet the parents.

Lets face it, some women are sexy as heck but not necessarily the ones that you can take home to the parents without your dad sweating profusely and your mother hating you, the girl and your dad. This is a bit of a canard but that is where we came in to save the day. Our local favogram expert to the rescue.

When meeting your parents. This is not the time for her to let it all hang out and show what she has. Lots of time for that later. Coy and demure will do it , IF she can master it. Faking it is also acceptable.

What I like about this crop of beauties is that they are not only gorgeous but has a sense of innocence and wholesomeness about them that is very attractive. I hope that is not really the case but it is nice to think they do. Love is blind after all.

Remember that all of these beautiful ladies were taken from Instagram, so please do the right thing and visit them  on the Instagram site. In other words show some support for their hard work and dedication to their craft of being drop dead gorgeous. If anyone can let us know the names of these beauties ,we’ll happily add it to this page. We are all about paying the necessary respect where it is due.

Number 1: