18 Of The Strangest Basalt Column Landscapes On Earth

From travertine terraces to eerie crater lakes, our planet has quite a knack for churning out surreal landscapes.

1.Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland


Some of the strangest of those natural formations are created through volcanic processes, like the odd basaltic rock columns found at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland (above). This destination’s name is in reference to its seemingly artificial appearance — before we knew much about geology, locals believed the rock formation to be the work of ancient giants.

Although the Giant’s Causeway is the most famous example of this type of geological formation, you can find columnar jointed volcanics all over the planet. Here are just a few you shouldn’t miss!

2.Cape Stolbchatiy — Kuril islands, Russia

3.Fingal’s Cave — Staffa, Scotland

4.Devil’s Tower National Monument — Crook County, Wyoming, U.S.

5.Svartifoss — Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

6.Zlaty Vrch — Usti, Czech Republic

7.Basaltic Prisms of Santa María Regla — Hidalgo, Mexico

8.Reynisdrangar — Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

9.Basalt rock formation — Penghu, Taiwan

10.Devils Postpile National Monument— Mammoth Lakes, California, U.S.

11.Jusangjeolli — Jeju Island, South Korea

12.Flores Island — Azores, Portugal

13.Litlanesfoss — Upphéraðsvegur, Iceland

14.Ganh Da Dia — Phu Yen, Vietnam

15.Garni Gorge — Yerevan, Armenia

16.Cape Stolbchatiy — Kuril islands, Russia

17.Takachiho Gorge — Gokase River, Japan

18.St. Mary Island — Karnataka, India