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27 (Natural) Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit This Specific Part Of Sweden

Well, when I say you shouldn’t visit this place, I base this on the fact that you’ll be hooked and never want to leave – just like I didn’t. So.. You’re welcome.

To start with, this magical place is a province in the center of Sweden and consists of a little less than 113 000 inhabitants, meaning the nature is close to untouched. This might not be too attractive for your everyday city person, therefore I am aiming this article at all you (us) nature fantasts who are always on the lookout for a green get-a-way.

Do you consider yourself a mountain person? Forest person? Or maybe a water person? No problem, this area has it all. Though taking all of this fauna into count, you better not be scared of bears as this place is the most densely populated brown bear habitat in the world. They also have the folklore of Storsjöodjuret, a large lake monster that’s been known of since it’s first report in 1635. Adding to the list of animals you might encounter are among other: the wolf, the moose, the reindeer, the lynx, the wolverine, the arctic fox etc.

So with no further ado, let me introduce you to: Republiken Jamtland, the destination for every nature photographer.

You would have to drive through endless of forests like this