30-Year-Old Scooter Becomes World’s Oldest Living Cat

Remember Corduroy, 26, the World’s oldest living cat? Well, he’s just been dethroned by Scooter, a 30-year-old Siamese cat from Texas, and Guinness World Records have confirmed it.

Born March 26, 1986, Scooter spends his golden years with his owner Gail Floyd, who’s been with him ever since the cat was born. Scooter’s secret to longevity? Just like Corduroy’s owner, Gail keeps her playful cat active and happy. “He likes to see new places and he likes people,” Gail said. Scooter has visited 45 out of 50 US states so far!

Each morning, Scooter wakes Gail up at 6 AM by “talking” with her and messing around. He enjoys snacking on chicken and getting blow dried after a bath. Even though the feline has been under constant treatment since 2014 when he broke his leg, his veterinarians say “Scooter is quite an amazing cat, with a strong will to live.”

(h/t: laughingsquid, guinnessworldrecords)

Even though Scooter is 137 in cat years, he still wakes his owner Gail at 6 AM jumping around