5 Things To Say During The First 5 Minutes Of A Tinder Date To Make It Less Awkward

2. “Sorry in advance if I seem [insert your mood here]! [The thing that caused your mood] happened today…”

If you say this lightheartedly, and if your mood is anything besides “pissed the fuck off,” this is super effective. If your date is actually interested in getting to know you as a person (the dream, right?), they’ll ask you more about this one event that has shifted your mood so radically that you felt the need to say it out loud.

OR, you could even say “Sorry in advance if I’m so talkative! I get like that sometimes” or “Sorry in advance if I’m so awkward! I’m a little nervous right now” if you’re feeling particularly self-assured. This one is particularly charming because you’re immediately letting your guard down, which will make your date feel like he can, too.

Ah, young love.

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