Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses As Sailor Scouts

As the iconic anime Sailor Moon (Bishōjo Senshi Sērāmūn) is coming back to the screens all over the world with the second season of its 20th-anniversary rendition, this year couldn’t be bigger for the fans of the feisty and charismatic Sailor quintuplet.

An opportunity like this didn’t go unnoticed, of course. Using his charming drawing style, anime artist Drachea Rannak fused the magical spirit of the Sailor Scouts with another legendary pop-culture figurines loved all over the globe, Disney princesses and heroines. From the wild heart of Pocahontas perfectly depicted in her costume, to the high spirits of yours truly, Anna from Frozen, Rannak managed to picture the beauty and strong female will in yet another fascinating way.

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Lady – “Lady and the Tramp”

Dorothy & Toto – “Return to Oz”

Kida – “Atlantis: the Lost Empire”

Sally – “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Belle – “Beauty and the Beast”

Jessie – “Toy Story”

Cinderella – “Cinderella”

Tiana – “The Princess and the Frog”

Aurora – “Sleeping Beauty”

Rapunzel – “Tangled”

Lilo – “Lilo & Stitch”

Nala – “The Lion King”

Anna – “Frozen”

Giselle (animated) – “Enchanted”

Vanellope – “Wreck-It Ralph”

Giselle (played by Amy Adams) – “Enchanted”

Esmeralda – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

Wendy – “Peter Pan”

Mulan – “Mulan”

Megara – “Hercules”

Merinda – “Brave”

Alice – “Alice in Wonderland”

Pocahontas – “Pocahontas”

Snow White – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”

Ariel – “Little Mermaid”

Elsa – “Frozen”