Belly Dancing beyond the Middle East!

Dance is one of the most expressive forms of art that has contributed to world history exceptionally. Dance, that becomes an inspiration, idea and an outlet to your turmoil and emotion. Having said that, there’s one particular dance form emerging from the deserts of the Middle East that has taken the world of dancing to a whole new level.

Yes, we are talking about belly dance and it’s rich artistic touch to “torso articulation”. This Arabic Dance form, or as many claim, Oriental dance form has reached beyond its national boundary and has left an astounding effect on the international population. In fact, people from various states and cultural backgrounds have started taking belly dance lessons. The overwhelming response to this particular dance form has several reasons for it.

International Vogue of Belly Dance
Belly dance is one of the jaw-dropping, aesthetically beautiful forms of dance. The innate sensuality and self- expression is something that boosts self-confidence and strengthens the avenue of emotions and feelings, especially in women.

Perhaps, the emotional egress and health benefits attached to belly dance becomes one of the primary reasons for women to take up belly dancing lessons internationally. The flair of dancing and the passion for art usually draws people into practicing a dance form. Although one may have begun to pursue it as a hobby, passion or just for an experience, the role of instructors too plays a role in making a professional belly dancer or future instructor.

Discovering Your Passion
Maybe while beginning the exercise you may have different expectations and plans for the dance. Your growth and progress with the skills, as you gradually start attending the classes and workshop may eventually transform you into a professional belly dancer.

The Role of Instructors
Consequently, discovering the dancer in you depends a lot on your instructor and guide. Hence, it is recommended that if you’re planning to take up belly dancing your train from the best. A skilled and accomplished trainer can help you necessarily combat demotivation and cynical comments. In fact, they become instrumental in your learning of the latest developments in the art form and more such as- cabaret, ethics etc.

Now, it is critical that you trust your instructor and have faith in his/her decision. Their experience and knowledge will help you mold your own decisions and practice of the dance that you have chosen.

Attending seminars and workshops and participating in various performances set up by your instructor also plays a major role for you as a performer. Seminars and workshops help you polish your skills and take cues from the instructor much better. The teaching style, comments, opinion and observation of your instructor and others help you gain a better idea about your own dance.

The on-stage performances are also a good boost to discover your gift for the dance. The rehearsals, costumes, personal practice among many other things help you discover the performer in you. Meanwhile, you also discover your strengths and weaknesses when you face the audience. Their critical views and appreciation go a long way to make you a professional dancer.

What makes art and culture fascinating is its rich history and tradition. Therefore, before diving into any professional art form, it is necessary that you are well equipped with the traditional ethnic culture. Myths, folklores, basic instructions and the origin of the dance form are equally important to form a base for any dance.

Overall, the questions appreciation and views of the audience and the guidance from your instructor becomes principle in helping you make a decision. Mostly, it is always your heart and your love for the dance that attracts you to the dance form.

Ultimately, it is your skill and passion that gets you going as a performer in any field of art. Hence, practice, opinions, and improvements are very important to discover the dancer within you.

Belly dancing and Daily Health Issues
The life of a dancer revolves around flexibility and strength. The regular stretching, body movements, and postures also help in strengthening and maintaining a healthy body. Certain issues that women tend to face in their life such as back and joint pain, PMS, stress, and Weight can be reduced through belly dancing.
Relieves Joint and Back Pain
Belly dance involves a series of hip movements, figure eights, circles, and shimmies. This helps in the increased flow of synovial fluid in the joints and the movements put the joint and the ligaments of the lower back through a gentle repetitive movement.

When these movements are practiced properly, they help prevent lower back pain. Raks Sharki counteracts the compression of the disks that occur due to sitting and desk-bound lifestyle. This helps relieve the stress in the lower back and improves posture.

Helps in Losing Weight
Weight is something that causes stress and lower self-esteem of women. Raks Sharki burns approximately 300 calories per hour. Depending on the intensity of the dancing and the proper movements, it may vary from person to person.

Also, sensible eating and regular practice of Raks Sharki can immensely contribute to weight loss and improve health better than some weight loss programs

Relieves Stress
Stress is something that everyone faces on a daily basis. Work, home and other commitments become a stressful event in our lives. The repetitive swaying and fluid, circular movement creates a state of dance-meditation.

Dancers often find the slow graceful dancing involved with belly dancing as a source of mental relaxation and a way to clear their mind. Although the faster motions are stimulating and fun, the slow, elegant moves help in anxiety and stress.

An Overview
Belly dancing, although emerging from the Middle East countries is a popular form of dancing that has been taken up internationally. The dancers all over the world have been trained by some highly experienced and skilled trainers who contributed to their quest of discovering themselves. Dance is a passion and a form of expression that becomes a source of facing daily living issues too.