Cat Rides Farm Animals To Show Who’s The Boss

When Teton was 3 months old, he was brought to the 7-acre Snowfall Ranch in Elizabeth, Colorado to take care of mice. However, the kitty soon expanded his authority over other farm animals and started riding them to show who’s the real boss here.

“We do see him on the miniature horses and donkey the most,” the farm’s Joanna Shaw told The Dodo. “He also sleeps in their stall with them,” she added.

“He tends to ride them more in snow with the belief being he doesn’t want to get paws wet,” Shaw explained. “When they are turned out in pasture he goes with them. He will lay with them on the 7 acres and I would guess he believes he is one of them.”

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Teton was brought to Snowfall Ranch to take care of mice but he soon expanded his authority…