Dennis Rodman Gave Kim Jong Un A Mermaid Puzzle, ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Book

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman is hanging out in North Korea again and brought really bizarre gifts for his friend, dictator Kim Jong Un.

On Thursday, Rodman gave Sports Minister Kim Il Guk an assortment of presents intended for Kim Jong Un. Among them were a copy of Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal,” a copy of “Where’s Waldo? The Totally Essential Travel Collection,” a mermaid puzzle, two sets of soap and two autographed jerseys.
While the puzzle and the “Where’s Waldo?” book could be for Kim’s daughter, the other gifts are surely for Kim Jong Un himself. It’s unclear who the soap might be for.

Dennis Rodman delivers copy of Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal,” as a gift for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

— NBC Chicago (@nbcchicago) June 15, 2017

As for why Rodman went to North Korea to begin with, Rodman’s agent, Chris Volo, said the basketball player is “going to try to bring peace between both nations” in a Twitter video.

“That’s the main reason why we’re going,” Rodman added. “We’re trying to bring everything together. If not, at least we tried. We’re trying to open doors between both countries.”

Recorded before I left Beijing on Sunday, about my mission. #PotCoin #USA #NorthKorea #BasketballDiplomacy

Dennis Rodman (@dennisrodman) June 15, 2017

Apparently the feeling Rodman has towards his North Korean friends is mutual. The sports minister told Rodman he’s “an old friend,” according to the Associated Press.

“In the past, our respected supreme leader met you several times and he used his precious time to watch the basketball match with the players you brought here,” he said. “In the past he met you, so our people all know you well. And also we feel that you are an old friend.”

We truly live in peculiar times.