Edward Snowden: “The NSA steals and produces sex tapes to use them for blackmail”

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, has made a new controversial claim yesterday, saying that he possessed some classified information proving that the NSA is stealing and even producing pornographic pictures and videos, in order to blackmail various individuals around the world.

Snowden, who lives as a fugitive in Russia after leaking documents about the NSA’s surveillance programs has made some previously unreported allegations concerning the “illegal tactics” of the NSA, during an interview with the Moscow Tribune.

According to him, the Special Collection Service (SCS) of the NSA has been stealing and collecting amateur pornographic material since the 1990s, accumulating over 500 million hours of video and more than 20 billion pictures.

This pornographic material which is stolen from cell phones and computers around the world, is then analyzed and sorted in terms of potential value.

Many of these images are then used to blackmail politicians and other influential people, forcing them to collaborate with the agency or face public sex scandals.

Mr. Snowden claims that this program has already caused the fall of many politicians, including former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned in March 2008, and David Petraeus, who resigned as Director of the CIA in November 2012.

“The NSA has been creating sex scandals for years, in order to get rid of their opponents,” Mr. Snowden told the Moscow Tribune. “Most of the victims  yield to the blackmail, so it’s hard to say exactly how many people are being pressured by the agency. I can tell you that there are thousands, and that many of them are powerful people!”


Mr Snowden claims that the NSA has even produced their own pornographic videos on many occasions, filming opponents in humiliating or compromising positions in order to eliminate or manipulate them. He notably cites Malaysia’s former Health Minister, Chua Soi Lek, who was secretly videotaped while having sex with a young woman in 2007, and had to quit his job after a sensational sex DVD was widely circulated in Johor.

Mr. Snowden says that the documents proving his claims will be integrally reproduced in his new book, expected to be released in September.

Edward Snowden was hired by an NSA contractor in 2013 after previous employment with Dell and the CIA. In the month of June of the same year, he revealed thousands of classified NSA documents to journalists.

The US government filed espionage charges against him shortly after his revelations were made public. He has been living under asylum in Moscow, after fleeing the US for Hong Kong in the wake of the leaks.