Fake Sports That Should Be Real

Super Baseball 2020

Futurama was not the only glimpse that we got of future baseball. Another take on this idea was presented by the classic video game Super Baseball 2020. As the name implies, this game was still very much like baseball, but it was played by a combination of cybernetically enhanced humans and robots. Sections of the outfield are set up with glass designed to bounce foul balls back into play, and different zones on the field change things up. This includes special Stop Zones that can stop the ball dead in its tracks and Jump Zones close to the fence that enable players to do super jumps to catch fly balls. Finally, mines set up can temporarily stun players that aren’t wise enough to watch where they step.

All of this adds up to an aggressive game that would be awesome to watch or participate in. The game is pretty much designed from the ground up for super-human power plays, from powerful swings of the bat to Superman-like leaps in the air. Overall, players are rewarded for being aggressive and ruthless, which throws those traditional “baseball is boring” criticisms right out the window. Finally, mixing enhanced humans and robots allows this version of baseball to sidestep issues of performance-enhancing drugs by encouraging it, and as Real Steel also illustrates, every sport is cooler once you throw robots in.