Fake Sports That Should Be Real

Electro-Magnetic golf

Of all of the sports on this list, Electro-Magnetic Golf may be the most subversive. It’s mentioned as a popular national sport in Aldous Huxley’s famous novel Brave New World, where magnets shuffle a golf ball into a hole, making the game much easier than traditional golf. For Huxley, this sport was presented as just one more example of the dystopian future world of his novel. This is a world where human achievement and effort had been replaced with sex, drugs, and easy thrills, so a kind of pseudo-cheating golf game was presented as one of the only sports this population would have any patience for.

At first blush, this doesn’t sound like much fun to watch or play. Isn’t the difficulty of traditional golf part of its unique appeal? However, looking beyond Huxley’s world-building itself, there’s a lot of room for creativity when you start introducing magnets to golf. Players could pull off insane trick shots that are impossible in regular golf, all while speeding up a game that is, let’s face it, slow and plodding. Throw in the possibility to further tweak the rules, and award people points based on speed and style, and golf might just get the sexy facelift that it’s been missing all these years.