Fake Sports That Should Be Real


Fans of Battlestar Galactica are familiar with Pyramid. Fittingly enough for a show that explored the intersection of humanity and cybernetics, Pyramid is a weird hybrid, with elements of basketball, football, and even rugby synthesized into something truly unique. The game involves a variable number of players competing in a triangular court (hence the “pyramid” name), trying to throw a ball through a small hole, into a goal that’s part of one of the many backdrops that decorate the field. Other teams are allowed to tackle players, and the game has many variations. Teams can be small or large, and truly large teams necessitate huge fields. There are also street variations of this, where people play in various alleys and use things like dumpsters and other features as part of the field.

Pyramid is deliberately structured as a mostly rules-free game that uses an honor system rather than some referee. That leads to inevitable on-court rivalries, and players have to decide between revenge and abiding by their own code of honor. Accordingly, very few fouls are called in the game, making sure each game runs fast. Speaking of speed, players must shoot or pass after three steps or fewer, ensuring that the entire team is always in motion. Plus, this is a game awesome enough to captivate people while staring down the barrel of the complete extinction of the human race, so it should definitely be cool enough for us non-endangered types, flipping channels and looking for a good game.