Fake Sports That Should Be Real

Mutant League Football

Fans of the original Sega Genesis have fond memories of the Mutant Football League, a game in which mutants and zombies played the most violent form of handegg known to man. The field itself is filled with a variety of booby traps that range from fire pits to icy patches, and teams can use a variety of technological enhancements, such as electric shockers and even jetpacks. Players even have a limited number of opportunities to bribe the ref, to have plays called in their favor.

While it would be difficult for non-zombie players to pull off the most violent bits of the game (which featured a lot of accidental deaths and outright murder), Mutant Football is the most logical extension of a world where people debate allowing things like performance-enhancing drugs and special surgeries that allow certain athletes an advantage over others. The Mutant Football League would be a chance to make both the players and the games as over-the-top as humanly possible, allowing a mixture of destruction and finesse in plays unlike anything the world has seen before. If the world really is headed for a post-apocalyptic dystopia, there’s no time like the present to get our post-apocalyptic sports games ready for the inevitable.