Heartbreaking Moment Donkeys Gather To Say Goodbye To Their Dead Friend

When Bram arrived at the Donkey Farm Foundation, a sanctuary in the Netherlands, he was old and sick because his previous owners didn’t look after him properly. Not only did he receive the care that he needed but he also made a lot of donkey friends at the sanctuary as well. So popular did Bram become that when he died of lung failure a year and a half later, his mourning friends gathered to cry for him, and as you can see from the video below, the moment was simply heart-wrenching.

“He was a respected member of the herd,” the sanctuary’s Jacqueline van den Berg told Favogram. “That black and white donkey who bites him is the leader of the herd and his name is Moefra. He wants to get him up because laying down is dangerous, because in nature the donkey is prey, but then Moefra realizes that Bram is dead and will never stand up again.

“The friendship between donkeys is very strong. They are friends for a lifetime. When 2 donkeys live together in a meadow and one of them dies, it can happen that the other donkey will die out of grief, too. We call that “dying of a broken heart.”‘

More info: ezelshoeve.nl

When Bram the donkey died of lung failure, his donkey friends gathered to mourn for him at a sanctuary in the Netherlands

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