I Illustrated The Children Of Famous Superheroes And Villains As Troubled Millennial Kids

Hello, my name is Simóne. I am an illustrator and writer.

Over the past few years I have noticed that society has a lot to say about the millennial generation. People born in this period have been described as narcissistic, entitled, lazy and indecisive (to mention just a few traits). Generations always find fault with those that come after them, and there is no denying that the younger children of today are surrounded with a much higher level of social pressure than ever before. But does this mean that there is validity in the claims about the younger generation?

If superheroes and villains had children that were born into this age- would they be able to cope? I illustrated a series of millennial mini superheroes and villains to find out what they could possibly be like – and if their inherited super powers/abilities would be affected in any way by the dysfunctional aspects of our society.

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The Millennial Gang

Super Boy

Superpowers: Flight, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, enhanced hearing and super-speed. Super Boy has some of the most sought after powers of all time, but he is having trouble focusing on using his powers. He can’t concentrate for long periods of time, and the ease with which he gets distracted has resulted in him not being able to spend as much time fighting crime and saving the world as he should. He has just recently been prescribed Ritalin to help him focus on harnessing his superpowers.

Bat Boy

Super abilities: Superhuman detective skills, wealth and an indestructible bat-suit. Because Bat Boy is rather spoiled by his wealthy parents, he spends his time over-indulging in fast foods and candy. His favourite snack to eat is a quarter pounder from McDonalds. Some of his fans have started calling him Fat Boy instead of Bat Boy because of his habits. This means that he has not had the time or energy to put his skills and wealth to good use. More importantly he is having a hard time fitting into his bat-suit, and without his bat-suit Bat Boy isn’t much.

Wonder Girl II

Superpowers: Strength, speed, hand-to-hand combatant, has indestructible bracelets and a weaponized tiara. Wonder Girl, like many other children her age, has become increasingly wrapped up in her own physical appearance. She enjoys taking selfies and spends much of her time admiring her own reflection, along with her weaponized tiara. Because of this, she is often caught off guard when the time comes to save the world. Some would say her self-obsessed ways have resulted in her not utilising her powers and accessories to the best of her abilities.

Electro Boy II

Villain Powers: Electrically charged touch, flight, electric manipulation and superhuman strength. Electro Boy has been receiving quite a bit of criticism because instead of using his electrically charged powers to defeat his enemies, he has been using them to charge his recreational technology gadgets such as his Nintendo Wii, iPod and iPhone. He seems to be addicted to technology and spends most of his days playing games. Some see this as a positive thing, as he hasn’t really had the time to defeat superheroes like Spider Boy.

The Hulk II

Superpowers: Genius-level intellect, immense strength, stamina, longevity and strength escalation. Instead of using his genius-level intellect to save the world, Mini Hulk has been extremely busy being a know-it-all and showing off his knowledge. He knows more about most topics than his parents, and spends most nights trying to beat his dad at TV quiz shows like ‘The Weakest Link’ and ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’. Because of this, he has not even begun cultivating his super strength.

Napolean Dynamite II

Superpowers: Super dynamic and unique dance skills. Although Napolean II isn’t a conventional superhero, his father was an icon of his time because of his legendary dance moves. Napolean II inherited these skills, but because of his lazy demeanour he has not reached his full potential as a dancer. He spends his time watching TV and eating tater tots, rather than cultivating his super talent.

Voldemort II

Villain Powers: In the process of becoming a master of dark magic and owns a phoenix feather core wand. Because of the constant pressure from the media and television to look perfect, little Voldemort has been having problems dealing with the strange shape of his nose. He has been very distracted by his low self-esteem, and trying to find ways to obtain a normal nose. He has tried stick on face wear and is now considering facial reconstruction if his parents allow it. This has resulted in him not being able to master the dark arts or his wand. Some would say this is good, as he cannot get up to any mischief with his devious nature.

Joker II

Villain Abilities: Cunningness and insanity. Joker II is a very naughty and obnoxious child, he spends most of his time teasing and pranking other children. On most days he can be found in the naughty corner or in detention. He is on his third warning before being expelled from school. Again, this could be seen as good news because he is to preoccupied to use his super insanity to defeat Super Boy.

Yoda II

Superpowers: Grand master of Jedi council, user of ‘the force’, can levitate and move objects and has extraordinary lightsaber skills. Yoda II has inherited some of the most extra-ordinary powers of all time, but because of the social pressure of the times that he lives in Yoda has found himself more drawn to social media than mastering his skills. He seems to be slightly obsessed and now has an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. He has been accused of using the force to gain more followers and likes, instead of using it for the good of the world.

Robin II

Super abilities: Bat Boy’s loyal and trusted sidekick. Tiny Robin seems to be going down the same path as Bat Boy. He blindly follows Bat Boy’s orders, instead of advising him to lay off the snacks. Robin has found himself becoming slowly addicted to fast food and candy as well. This has happened while collecting Bat Boy’s food at the drive-throughs on a daily basis. Because of this, he has not been able to fulfil his world saving duty as sidekick.

Flash II

Superpowers: Super-speed costumed crime-fighter. Flash is known as the fastest boy in the world. He loves the fame and status that comes along with his superpower. The main problem is that he loves winning athletics championships much more than he does fighting crime. He is trying to maintain his status as the fastest boy in the world, and is aiming to compete against adults next. There have been rumours that he was found taking extra supplements to enhance his super speed, but there is no concrete evidence as of yet.