I Photographed Gdańsk, Old City That Was 90% Destroyed During War, And Rebuilt By Polish People

Gdańsk is the sixth largest city in Poland. During the 1000-year history, the city was govern by Poles, Germans and the Teutonic Order. This is a symbolic place of the beginning of the Second World War, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and the collapse of communism which had started in the 80s. It is also one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, full of monuments which testify to its glorious past.

During the Second World War the city was destroyed, and then razed to the ground by the Soviet Red Army. 90% of the historic old town was destroyed. The city was rebuilt in the old form, thanks to the enormous effort of several generations of Polish people. Reconstruction took more than 70 years and it continues to this day.

I have been photographing Gdańsk for three years, at any time of day or year. I capture the monuments, which were rebuilt after the war ravages and the seascapes of coast of Gdansk – the city which is a major Polish port city.

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