I Spent A Week In New Zealand’s Winter Wonderland

New Zealand is a special country full of vast, untouched beauty and pristine landscapes. Although I love the South Island any time of year, winter holds a special place in my heart.

As the mountains are clothed in snow and the glacial lakes begin to freeze, the land takes on a whole new form. Unforgiving and pure in beauty, winter in New Zealand is like heaven on Earth.

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First Light

Winter’s Embrace

By The Lake


It’s hard to do justice to the size of the mountains that surround you.


A fresh coat of snow covers the vast landscape surrounding Mt Cook, NZ’s tallest mountain.


Nick absorbs the last light of day overlooking Queenstown.

You and I

My friend Geoff is a kiwi and isn’t phased at all by the chilly temperatures. Here he stands barefoot before Mt Cook on the frozen Hooker lake.

Middle Earth

Cloud often hovers around the mountains, creating a surreal atmosphere at dawn and dusk.

The Mitre

A fleeting moment of light in Milford Sound.

Morning Drive

This is why they call it the land of the long white cloud.

The King

At over 12,000 feet, Aoraki (MT Cook) it’s a powerful experience being in the presence of this beautiful mountain.


A darkness falls

Shades of light filter across the southern alps.


An unnamed peake high up in the southern alps.

A kiss goodnight

The Remarkables absorb the last moments of light before darkness sets in.