If Disney Ladies Wore Designer Shoes

The inspiration for these series of Disney character-inspired shoes came from daydreaming about Disney Princesses wearing my favorite designer shoes.

I’m a shoe collector and I’ve always loved great shoe design. To me, shoes are a piece of art/sculpture that you wear. When done right, it exudes personality and character. The craft itself is a reflection of the designer’s taste and attention to details. In my mind, a great pair of shoes is the exclamation point to an outfit.

Based on the princess’ personality, I imagined what shoe designer they would shop at the most. For example, Elsa is a confident woman, and very luxurious. Christian Louboutin is the ultimate luxurious shoe designer (also my favorite!). So I imagine Elsa would probably have a great amount of Louboutin collection in her closet.

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Tinkerbell – Christian Louboutin

Jasmine – Kobi Levi

Ariel – Sergio Rossi

Alice – Charlotte Olympia

Belle – Jimmy Choo, Lilyth

Blue Fairy – Sophia Webster

Aurora – Manolo Blahnik

Elsa – Christian Louboutin

Mulan – Manolo Blahnik

Megara – Sophia Webster

Merida – Alexander McQueen

Pocahontas – Chloe

Rapunzel – Jimmy Choo

Snow White – Valentino

Tiana – Dolce & Gabanna

Wendy – Jimmy Choo

Jane Porter – Chanel

Queen of Hearts – Christian Louboutin

Lilo – Christian Louboutin, Kimpa

Lilo – Charlotte Olympia

Maleficent – Balenciaga

Yzma – Christian Louboutin

Ursula – Alexander McQueen

Queen Grimhilde – Alexander McQueen

Giselle – Dolce & Gabbana

Kida – D-squared

Anastasia Tremaine – Sophia Webster

Drizella Tremaine – Sophia Webster

Lady Tremaine – Chanel

Sally – Tabitha Simmons

Anna – Casadei

Cruella de Ville – Christian Louboutin

Esmeralda – Christian Louboutin