Incredible athletes currently in jail

Keith Wright

Defensive tackle Keith Wright was a sixth-round draft pick out of the University of Missouri who bounced around the NFL a lot, with stints in Houston (who signed him to a $925,000 three-year contract), Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, Arizona, and Detroit. After some time with the Hamburg Sea Devils of NFL Europe, he returned home to northern California and finished flushing his career down the toilet with a slew of crimes—police linked him to three home invasions in 2011 alone.

In all, Wright rung up 19 felony charges over his spree, including kidnapping, armed robbery, false imprisonment, and sexual assault. Each charge involved robbery, and one involved a sexual assault. A year later, he was given one of the largest sentences a former professional athlete ever faced (heck, that anybody ever faced): 234 years (and eight months, just so he really learns his lesson). The judge also required him to pay restitution and court costs, if he had any of his NFL money left over.