Incredible athletes currently in jail

Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan

In the world of professional bodybuilding, Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan were stars, and their arrest and conviction rocked the sport. Titus took up bodybuilding after high school and built himself up for competition, taking first place (for the first of many times) in the 1988 NPC Houston Bodybuilding Championships. Concurrent with his bodybuilding career, however, Titus lived a life of crime. In 1995 he was arrested in Louisiana for possession and intent to sell ecstasy — two years later, he was sentenced to prison for violating his parole by using steroids.

It seemed like he had left all that in the past in 2003, when he married fellow bodybuilder Kelly Ryan, who held a number of circuit wins and was a three-time Fitness Olympia runner-up. Then, in December 2005, the burned body of Melissa James, personal assistant to Titus and Ryan, was found in Ryan’s car on a road outside of Las Vegas. After avoiding police for over a week, the pair were arrested at a nail salon in Boston. The duo initially claimed that James died of a drug overdose and, fearing they’d be arrested, burned the body and abandoned it in a car and left town. However, police say James had been shot with a stun gun, been given morphine, and had been strangled to death with a wire. In 2008, Titus was sentenced to between 21 and 55 years in prison, while Ryan was given two consecutive terms of 3-13 years.