Kevin Durant Cupcake: Best Photos, Memes & Tweets From KD’s Return to OKC

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It was hard to watch Kevin Durant’s return to Oklahoma City without getting hungry for cupcakes. The small but tasty pastries were all over Chesapeake Energy Arena in signs, banners, shirts and even costumes.

Heavy explores the in-depth meaning of the cupcake reference here, but the short version is it is a term used to call someone soft. It was made popular by former Thunder player, Kendrick Perkins. After Durant signed with the Warriors, Russell Westbrook posted a photo on Instagram of a plate of cupcakes.

It seemed harmless at the time, but months later the meaning behind the post came out. KD was greeted with an arena full of fans with different versions of cupcake shirts.

Durant got the last laugh with 34 points and nine rebounds along with a 130-114 victory. The Warriors took trolling to another level after the game. Draymond Green and Steph Curry showed up to their post-game interviews with cupcake shirts on. How did they get them? The duo bartered with the fans behind the bench and exchanged some Warriors gear for the shirts.

Green and Curry decided to turn the negative into a positive as a way to show their support for Durant. Here’s a look at the best memes, images and tweets from a night full of cupcakes.