Kourtney Kardashian And Justin Bieber Reunite For A Sexy Night Out

Justin Bieber’s not finished messing with Kourtney Kardashian! It kinda seems like Kourtney’s the one using the Biebs as a booty call — like the second Scott Disick goes to Dubai and goes missing one night and doesn’t answer his phone, Kourtney exacts her revenge! With Justin on speed dial, she throw on a sexy sheer lace top, exposing her nips, and hoofs it to the club to meet up with her 22-year-old hottie. And if the 37-year-old mother-of-three can still get Bieber to hook up with her, then more power to her!

The pair were spotted at LA’s Peppermint Club Sunday night and though they arrived separately, a source inside the club tells us: “They were definitely together and they were definitely flirtatious.” They then moved to hot spot Delilah and partied until 2 a.m., according to Us Weekly.

These two definitely have a history — when Kourtney and Scott ended their relationship in August 2015, Kourtney hooked up with Justin numerous times. And she keeps going back for more every time Scott pisses her off.

Well she and Scott have been on much better terms recently, but his trip to Dubai with Kim may have derailed his reunion with his baby mama. On Friday, Scott reportedly went missing and wasn’t answering Kourtney’s calls. It was explained away by Scott calming to be jet-lagged and having overslept. But Kourtney’s got trust issues — and guess what she Tweeted on Friday? “I’ve got trust issues.” Well, that’s straightforward! And we don’t blame her …

We caught Scott returning home, on Sunday, and as he touched down at LAX, we asked him how he feels about Kourtney going out with Bieber.