Kylie Hangs Onto Tyga For Dear Life

Another day, another makeup-free lunch in sweats with Tyga!

Kylie Jenner certainly has her routine during these rainy LA afternoons: throw on some sweats — her own Kylie merch, to be exact — skip the makeup, gas up the Lambo and head to lunch with your on-again-off-again lover Tyga. Sounds like a plan!

Saturday it was sushi, Sunday, Sagebrush Cantina, where a cover band was playing Red Hot Chili Peppers — certainly not the norm for a rapper and his lady. Perhaps it was the unusual atmosphere at the Cantina that cause Kylie to hold onto her man for dear life. Oh wait, she always does that — even after Tyga hooks up with other girls (or dudes) and then comes begging for Ky’s forgiveness. She’ll always be there waiting for her man!