Lindsay Lohan Addresses Rumors She’s Converted To Islam On The View

The transformation of Lindsay Lohan is complete!

The actress has gone from troubled wild child to humanitarian activist following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie! Lohan appeared on The View this morning to discuss life and, of course, her new reality show. She told Whoopi and the ladies what she’s been doing with her life during these years of self-exile in London and post-breakup from her Russian fiance, Egor Tarabasov. No, she hasn’t been drowning her sorrows at the local pub, she’s been volunteering in a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey, visiting with children and woman whose lives have been devastated by ISIS. She’s trying to draw attention to the crisis and, specifically, to the refugees who are suffering and to find ways to help the millions of people who’ve been displaced by the war.

She also addresses the question about a photo that surfaced of her holding the Koran — the “Bible” of Islam. She doesn’t exactly say she hasn’t converted, but she doesn’t say she has. She kind of says she’s studying and then the issue is dismissed as host Sunny Hostin offers Lohan an “out” by saying she imagines Lindsay was studying up on the dominant religion of the people she’s visiting in refugee camps because … why wouldn’t you. Lindsay concurs though she leaves the audience wondering if she may be doing more than just research …

On a side note … Lindsay has been communicating through Instagram about a future acting job she’d like — she is putting the word out to Disney that her dream role is to play Ariel in a reboot of The Little Mermaid. She posted a pic on Instagram, on Saturday — a side-by-side shot of her with flaming red locks and Disney’s Ariel with the same, with the caption: “I will sing again, as #ariel #thelittlemermaid”. Oooookay!