My 16 Guinea Pigs Help Me Launch A New Bussiness By Modelling My Jewellery

I am fond of handcrafted jewellery, and recently I started to make my own. My goal is to open a little online shop, under the name of “Facettes”. But first I need to raise some funds, because the glass beads I use are not that cheap. That’s why I just launched a campaign on Kickstarter. I was in the process of making pictures to show some of my prototypes, but I needed somebody to help me modelling my bracelets. Luckily, I’m the owner of 16 adorable guinea pigs… so I decided to involve them in the project!

My guinea pigs, also known on Facebook under the name “The Marsvins”, are very well tame. They are great models, because they just take the pose and don’t move! They didn’t bother at all this photo shoot, and they later enjoyed as reward a good plate of parsley, their favorite green. Don’t you think they look pretty, wearing shiny jewellery? There are so many great colours to match their fur! Who knows, maybe they’ll want their own line of guinea pig jewellery ?

More info: Facebook | Kickstarter

Poppy is wearing a bracelet, with glass beads and rose gold elements

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