My Cats Spend Hours Looking Throught The Window And I Spend Hours Watching Them

My name is Sabrina, I’m an amateur photographer and a cat lover. Actually, I’ve recently become a cat lover.

It all started when I adopted my first cat Sissi four years ago and little ginger Ricky a year later. I had never had a cat before. I had never played with a cat as a kid. I knew nothing at all about cats, so every day with them in the past four years has made me discover how amazing cats can be.

I spend hours looking at them playing, sleeping, washing, eating. I am fascinated by their elegance, their funny faces, their personality. Sissi and Ricky are very different. Sissi is a girl and she’s always been very quiet and reserved. Ginger Ricky is different – he loves company and fooling around. Yet they have one thing in common: like most cats they love to look out of the window at what is going on in our yard.

I have made special shelves for them and I have put one almost at all windows at home. They spend hours looking at birds or people passing by, or they take their afternoon nap or even sleep there at night. And I spend hours watching them looking out of the window.

I’ve always taken pictures of our daily life together and after a few years I’ve come up with some very intense portraits that I’m sharing with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking those pics.

‘Mom, can you turn off the sun light? I would like to sleep.’

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