Owner Fulfills His Dying Dog’s Last Wish By Creating Fake Blizzard In Texas

When Ashley Niels got shocking news that her 12-year-old pooch Spunky was dying from cancer and that she had to put the doggie to sleep, Niels immediately remembered the promise she made to Spunky – he would see the snow again. Even if that meant a little miracle of creating a tiny snow blizzard in the middle of Texas…

Everything happened in 24 hours. The diagnosis, the appointment with the needle Niels booked for the following day, and the panic she felt about fulfilling her promise. She adopted husky-German shepherd-chow mix Spunky when she lived in Wisconsin, and the young pooch absolutely adored playing in the snow. Niels shared her heartache on Facebook, and people from her community pitched in to rent a snow machine, and brought it over to Niels’s house. Niels could tell Spunky didn’t really understand what it was, as the snow wasn’t cold, but the pooch could definitely feel the love.

‘How beautiful is it that a group of people made it snow in the Texas summer… All for the love of a dog. My dog. My Spunky,’ Niels told Favogram.