People Shared The Weirdest Things That Happened In Sex Ed Class And These Are Amazing

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When I came across this thread of people sharing stories of the weird things that happened in Sex Ed class it really took me back. I’ll never forget when Matt F. fainted the day we watched the sex tutorial video back in 7th grade. I think it was low blood sugar or something that had nothing to do with the sex video we watched, but the poor dude never lived down that incident due to the unfortunate timing. It’s been decades and it is still the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Sex Ed Class ‘Matt F. passing out during that sex tutorial video’…Moving on, people shared stories of the weird stuff that happened so get ready to laugh some and be weirded out a little (via AskReddit):

A few interesting things.
Kid in my class asked the teacher how animals had sex. She explained that it was similar to doggy style. She then proceeded to climb on top of the table, get on all fours and point to her butt and say “if I’m positioned like this, my vagina is now back here”
We watched the baby birth video, teacher then rewinded the video without turning off the tv and we got to see a baby shoot back into the ladies vagina at lightning speed
We had one very ‘experienced’ girl that said the birth video (that was probably made in the 70s) was fake because “no girl would let her pussy be that hairy, men like it clean”

Good ol’ ‘Dong Inspection Day’…

In 6th grade someone started a rumor that each student would have to go in front of the class and show their “private parts” everyone believed it and we were all nervous as hell.

A kid in our class once asked whether or not a baby born from a woman giving a man a blowjob and then spitting it into another woman’s vagina would have the DNA of all 3 of them.

Someone asked about giving a girl a blowjob and how it works. Kid behind me says, “it’s like eating a hamburger sideways.”
No work was done for the rest of class.

Our “guest speaker” for the day asked us all to pass around a large glass and spit into it. Once it was full, she asked us, “Who wants to drink it?” When no one volunteered, she said, “This is just like with sex. No one wants to touch a woman who has had multiple partners and fluids inside her. You want a clean cup, right?”
This was at a public high school in California.

Every time we had the sex-ed nurse in for a class she would put out a box for anonymous questions. No question would she leave unanswered. We had her in every year from grade 7 through 11. Every year the questions got ranker and ranker. The last year the poor woman is explaining bukkake and Cleveland Steamers and water sports. We were not gentle children.

Kid demonstrated how to put a condom on a banana and then immediately started sucking on it. The teacher didn’t know what to do and by the time she realized what was happening the kid ate the banana

I remember a dude asking if you can piss in a vagina, and then the teacher having to explain how that wasn’t very courteous (which he really couldn’t understand)

Our teacher instructed us to write as many sexual words and/or phrases that kids our age use everyday. He left the room while we did and came back to a whiteboard with very little white left.

I only remember one question from that question box: “why is my penis?”
It for some reason became a massive running joke we totally ran into the ground, constantly asking each other “But why is my ____?” for the next month.

The “guest” teacher was hot. At the very start of the class she looked at us and said “alright then” – then started taking her top off
Me and all my friends looked at eachother, gasping!
Turns out she was just warm and took her jumper off.

We had an anonymous question box, which in retrospect was a better idea than I gave it credit for at the time. All these many years later, I remember two questions and answers, both of which are approximate but accurate representations.
From a girl, “What do I do if I lost my ring in ‘nature’s pocket’?” “Go to the doctor they’ve seen weirder. Trust me on that.”
“Could Thundercats actually happen?”

We had a question box where we could write down anonymous questions. I wrote down “what is viagra” because I legitimately had no idea what it is. The teacher recognized my handwriting, and I got banned from the entire unit. So I never got any sex-ed. Gotta love the public education system!!!

My school showed the girl’s video to the guys and the guy’s video to the girls to “break gender norms.” Also, we got a pamphlet with a picture of the anatomy of a penis and a kid in my class ran down the hall shouting “I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE!!”

This video has since become an epic GIF

Watched the Miracle of life in the auditorium. Oh and the boner video… they have infrared video of this guy getting an erection and pretty much the entire health class couldn’t stop laughing after one guy yelled out HES GETTIN A BONER!

So in the seventh grade they made us watch a video of a woman giving birth. This was in the 90’s. They segregated the boys and girls and made us watch the video unsupervised one group at a time. So a bunch of 12 year olds we watching this woman give birth and right when the baby comes out, some kid yells “run that shit back!” So we all rewind and fast forward a bunch of times and the baby is going in and out like a jack in the box. I still laugh about it sometimes to this day.

Teacher tried to demonstrate how hardy condoms were by blowing one up like a balloon; it exploded.

We got taken to the band / choir room so an extra large projector screen normally used for sheet music could be used to show gigantic pictures of sexually transmitted diseases. We were also shown a photo supposedly depicting an HIV virus happily slipping through a condom.

My health class teacher almost crying talking about cheating on his wife. That was uncomfortable as fuck.

One prob not weird, but a tad inappropriate, my teacher said straight-faced that if you touch yourself you naturally grow hair on your palms. Just about everyone looked, and we all laughed. Looking back now, if I heard a teacher say that in a class of 12-year-olds I would be pretty suspect.

Well played.

In 8th grade health class, during the sex ed portion, the teacher put out an anonymous box for us to drop questions in and she would read them aloud at the end of class and answer them for us.
One day, she pulls out a question and reads, “What does sperm taste like?” She thought for a second, then said, “I guess it’s kind of salty.”
Our class gasped and started murmuring/giggling before she pointed out that most body fluids are salty, which is why she theorized that sperm would be salty as well. Nice save, Teach.