Remy Ma: 5 Fast Fast Facts You Need to Know

 2. She Became the Wife of Fellow Rapper Papoose In 2008

LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 06: Rappers Remy Ma (L) and Papoose attend the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards at the Orleans Arena on November 6, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Remy Ma and Papoose attend the 2016 Soul Train Music Awards (Getty)

Nothing says, “I’m hitched” like a jailhouse wedding. While incarcerated Remy let fellow rapper Papoose put a ring on it. Their union is the most celebrated relationship in the Hip-Hop community after Beyonce and Jay-Z. People mostly connect with the way that Papoose stuck by Remy while she served her time in prison. The couple is considered to be a positive representation of “Black Love” and a constant source of relationship goals.

Remy gave ladies some tips on how to keep their men in an interview with Boombox. She expressed that women need to learn their man like, how to properly communicate, and play no games when it comes to respect. Remy actually gives prison a little credit for some of the successes in her marriage, because it forced her to do the work that many people avoid doing with spouses that they see everyday.

In her interview with Boombox, she went on to describe how she and Papoose had to use special communication techniques due to her circumstances. According to Remy, the couple would argue or have disagreements that would last sometimes three hours; especially since the average phone call on the prison line only lasted a half-an-hour. Each person would be accompanied by a pen and paper while on the phone, to record key points of what the other said. Once one stopped talking the other could then go back and give their thoughts on each point. Also, neither person would interrupt the other. To signal that she was finished speaking Remy would have to say “I’m done”, which meant that Papoose could now talk and Remy will listen.

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