Rescue Dog Comforts His Injured Friend Who’s Been Through Hell Just Like Him

Simon, a border collie recovering from his injuries, came towards Sammie, a 4-month-old boxer mix, and carefully rested his paw on Sammie’s. Even though both dogs were rescued weeks apart, it looked as if Simon knew exactly what Sammie was going through on a surgery table at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

“The compassion and understanding between animals is beyond me,” Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, told The Dodo. Sammie has been through hell. The poor pooch was not only spray-painted, he was shot in the head and dragged by a car. Simon is checking on his little friend all the time. Though Simon will recover and be available for adoption soon, Sammie still has a long way to go.

O’Sullivan said Sammie “will likely need more surgeries, physical therapy, laser therapy and daily bandage changes. Being a puppy, behavioral therapy is also possible as he has been robbed of a ‘normal’ puppyhood.” If you want to help Sammie recover, you can donate to the rescue here.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

Simon doesn’t leave the side of 4-month-old Sammie who suffered abuse just like him

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