Rescue Hummingbird Won’t Leave The Dog Who Saved His Life

Before Rex was adopted by Ed Gernon last year in Whittier, California, he was an aggressive stray dog who would fight other dogs and kill cats. But one day Rex saw a supposedly dead hummingbird and didn’t move from it until he convinced his human to help the bird.

“He suddenly stopped and he would not move,” Gernon recalls. “I mean it’s tiny and it’s dead as far as I’m concerned. It’s covered in ants. It’s got no feathers.” But the bird was still alive and so, on Rex’s insistence, Gernon took the bird home where he named it Hummer and nursed it back to health. One year later and Hummer is fully recovered, and although she’s free to return to the wild, she refuses to leave the dog that saved her.

“Wherever he was, she wanted to be close by,” Gernon wrote on YouTube. “She even started bathing in his water bowl, killing time while he ate before she’d start playing with him again. So strange, but amazing. I rescue this dog. He rescues the bird. The bird rescues all of us in a weird sense and it’s just a miracle.”

(h/t: thedodo, cbslosangeles)

This hummingbird was found with no feathers and covered in ants but rescue dog Rex didn’t want to leave her side

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