San Francisco to accommodate transgenders by installing urinals in all public women’s restrooms


San Francisco, CA | The city council of San Francisco has unanimously adopted to make urinals available in all public women’s restrooms of the greater San Francisco Bay area, a measure which will “facilitate sanitary conditions and integration of transgender community members of the city” said mayor Ed Lee during a press conference this morning.

The motion was supported by a large number of LGBT organizations that pleaded for more “decent and humane” access to public restrooms for members of San Francisco’s thriving transgender community.

California has the largest concentration of transgenders in all the United States, San Francisco accounting for no fewer than 43% of the total country’s transgender community” explains Jane Boroughs, spokeswoman for Rise Up, a local LGBT organization.

trans spokeswoman

Jane Boroughs, spokeswoman for Rise Up, a local San Francisco LGBT organization, said it is “a historical day for people of all genders alike and a great step forward reminiscent of the civil rights movement of the 60s”

US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who publicly decried this week North Carolina’s law requiring transgender people to use public restrooms that only correspond to the gender on their birth certificate as ‘state-sponsored discrimination, claims the city council’s decision is a “positive measure” and a “step in the right direction”, leading some legal experts to believe the measure could eventually lead to a nation-wide policy.