Spoiled Cow Breaks Into Home, Waits For Her Humans To Come Back

Imagine coming home and finding your cow chilling on the carpet in your living room. Not your every day afternoon, right? Well that’s exactly what Sally Webster, an Australian ranch owner, saw when she came back from a grocery shop one day. Her 8-month-old Brahman cow named Beryl was waiting for her like a puppy.

“The day she was caught in the lounge took me by surprise,” Webster told The Dodo. “I really didn’t expect to see her making herself comfortable sitting on the carpet.” Nothing was broken, Beryl just wanted to wait for her humans. “But really, she isn’t meant to be inside,” Webster added. “She’s just cheeky.”

Beryl grew up together with two puppies, Fred and Wilma, so it explains her not-so-cow behavior. She’s very fond of them. “They still like to cuddle in with Beryl and give her lots of licks,” Webster said. “She has an amazing memory and is very smart…She knows mine and my husband’s voice. She can be outside grazing out of view and we can call out her name, and she will always bellow back, in a way to reply. Or come to the house.”

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Sally Webster found her cow Beryl chilling in her living room when she came back from a grocery shop one day