The Most Luxurious And Affordable Vacation Spots Across The Globe

You want all the “Roman Holiday” Audrey Hepburn vacation vibes (oversize sunnies, silk scarf, vintage convertible), but let’s be real: You’re going to have to pick and choose between lavish splurges in a city like Rome. Good news: A trip abroad doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut the luxe out of your stay. These ten destinations are proof that you can have your opulent vacation cake and eat it, too… possibly in a convertible.


Average Daily Cost: $130

This border city is home to both French and Spanish culture — see? You’re already getting more for your money. But seriously, think: ski slopes, beaches, thermal baths and amazing food. (Yep, you can hop between authentic Spanish tapas and French cuisine like Candied violets, a regional specialty.) If you’re after designer bargains, make sure you visit consignment shop Le Grenier d’Anaïs. Best of all, you can do it all for a whole lot less than Paris.