The Real Reasons Behind Why Good Doggers Actually Bark

Are you listening? A bit slow today? WTH! Get with the plan man. We’re a team !

Need help finding the cure for your chronic constipation?

Just get a four-legged roommate that will unexpectedly scream at the top of its lungs during quiet time.

Like seriously, we love our dogs, but why do they choose the most inopportune times to whip out their impression of “Cujo sees the mailman?”

The truth is, there are many reasons why your doggers may be using those vocal cords of theirs to single-handedly correct your digestive system.

Let’s discuss a few of them below.

Maybe YOU Need to Shut up

Did you know that dogs get annoyed with us too? If this seems to be an illogical fact to you, then maybe you are just a bit too confident in your shower singing abilities.

Many owners have reported times where their impatient canine friend told them (or an offending neighbor outside) to “Can it!” in dog language.

Dogs don’t seem to like loud noises, so next time Fido begins to bark, try wrapping up your kitchen karaoke session a bit early.


Their Food Sucks

The hypnotizing smells of your cooked sauces and seasonings are constantly giving your dog the idea that they are missing out on something.

A dog may eat just enough food to take away their hunger pains but still not eat enough to leave them satisfied. This is because they are not truly enjoying their meal.

So yes, if your dog always seems to “talk” during dinner, you may want to think about investing in a yummier dog chow.

Do You See That?

Think about how you act when you randomly see something that is unexpected. For instance, the jump-scares in horror movies.

What is the first thing most people typically do?


I just need some serious loving, a good bite to eat  and I won’t bark. That simple. If you don’t listen you’ve seen nothing yet. I have stamina like a marathon runner and can keep going all day long. Trust me on this.

Well, welcome to your dog’s world.

Even though dogs can’t scream like humans, they can still use their barks to alert us of an unexpected visual. Dogs can see things that humans are unable to see with their naked eye.

Depending on what they are seeing, they may be trying to warn you of danger or let you know that they saw you hide their favorite squeaky toy on top of the fridge…but let’s just stick to the danger alert scenario.

You Smell

Your dog will probably still cuddle with you if your feet stink or if your armpits are a bit musty (can we just say GROSS); however, if you are giving off a different sort of smell they may begin to bark.

Scientist have been able to determine that dogs are able to detect different types of cancer just by smelling a person’s skin. Once a dog has determined that their owner has a medical emergency they may begin to bark.

Pay attention to what your dog is looking at when they are facing you and barking. They are not always telling you to move out of their favorite spot on the couch.

Doggers Gotta Bark

If we are being honest here, you are not going to always be able to determine why your doggers keep trying to outdo their last bark session.

Sometimes it’s just plain entertainment for them, and there’s nothing wrong with that; let the little guys and gals have fun.

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