The Untold Truth Of Weird Al Yankovic

Al is not related to Frankie Yankovic, “America’s Polka King”

Given their shared last name, and a mutual gift for the accordion, it’d be reasonable for anyone to presume that Al and legendary polka man Frankie Yankovic are related, but they’re not. They were, however, friends, which led to the two accordionists trading licks on Frankie’s Songs of the Polka King, Vol. 1 album.

But no matter how many times the question of Frankie’s family connection to Al has been asked and answered, interviewers continue to ask him about it. As he clarified in a 2001 conversation with TheForce.Net: “Sometimes after explaining to a reporter for the third time that Frankie wasn’t my dad, I would read the article, and it would say, ‘There’s obviously a rift in the Yankovic family — Al won’t even admit that Frankie’s his father!'”

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