We Took Funny Animal Mugshots, Whilst Traveling Around The World

14 months ago we quit our jobs, sold everything we had, and we’ve been travelling around the world ever since.

We’ve been to 31 countries so far, and have come into contact with some very friendly animals along the way.

Our love of photography urged us to try and take some candid snaps of every animal we met. The look we wanted was a close-up mugshot, so we used ultra-wide angle lenses and got really close to our subjects in order to get the shots. Not every animal was born for the camera, but some posed more than others.

No animals were harmed during the shooting of these mugshots.

Also you can check out the story of how we started travelling here and here.

More info: howfarfromhome.com | Chanel Instagram | Stevo Instagram

A grinning Alpaca: taken in Salzburg, Austria

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