You Will Never Believe Who Showed Up When This Man Ordered An Internet Escort

A 52 year old man from Texas was in for the shock of his life after he hired a prostitute from a website online to visit him in his hotel room.

The man was from Katy, Texas, and was happily married to his wife of many years.  Even though he was happily married, he had a dark side to him that led him to soliciting escort off the internet.

One day this past Spring, he told his wife that he was going on a fishing trip with his friends, when in reality, he was traveling to a motel on the outskirts of their little town of Katy.

After checking into his motel, he browsed a website that he regularly used to book escorts, and saw a young 28 year old woman that really appealed to him.  He would later tell authorities that “he couldn’t see the head of the woman in the photos, but she had a nice body”.

After negotiating with her over texts messages, the two agreed to a reduced price of $150 (down from the original amount of $200 she had posted on the website).

Later that evening, other guests in the motel staying in an adjoining room called the front desk to report a disturbance in the man’s room around 8pm.

The reason for the disturbance was that once the escort arrived at the man’s room, she discovered that it was her husband of 17 years, and a fight ensued.

It became quite clear that the prostitute who had advertised herself as an “attractive 28 year old”, was actually his 49 year old wife.  She was incredibly furious to find her husband in the motel room, however, the husband was also furious to learn that his wife had been advertising her services on a prostitution website for years.

The couple has since separated, with the wife moving back to her parent’s home in Houston, Texas, and the husband remaining in the town of Katy.